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Infrared Camera


Thermal imaging is a very useful tool that is able to detect a wide range of potential issues from overheating electrical components to lack of insulation in walls and ceilings to leaks behind fixtures or hidden elsewhere amongst other items not listed. 

Mold Testing


Do you smell something musty or moldy? Maybe you see black or white splotches in the home or there seem to be damp areas. It may be a good idea to get a mold test done to find out and confirm your suspicions. 

Radon Testing


Radon is the leading cause of Lung Cancer among non-smokers. Colorado is a high risk state for Radon. Did you know that you can not taste, smell or see Radon? There is no safe level of Radon.

Meth Residue Testing

If you suspect the property has been used to cook meth, add this on. We use the AccuMeth® test.

If you suspect the property has been used to cook meth, consider this service. We use the AccuMeth® test which has been validated by both laboratory analysis and field testing. The meth test kits target methamphetamine only and are extremely sensitive.

Sewer Scope Inspection


Through a third party, your sewer lines will be checked to see for intrusion of roots, breakdowns and the well-being of your sewer lines through pictures and videos. This is a must have add on if you are purchasing a home!